The Soup Otzie's

Creating & Serving Great Soups

Our Location is 3950 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee WI 53207
Phone Number is 414-747-9670

Use 2020 for year
when writing a check.

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Cash, Check, Debit or Credit Cards $10.00 Minimum

Hours Normally…
Check the printable menu
10:30 - 7:00
10:30 - 2:30
11:00 - 2:30

Daily Fare

Mom’s Pot Roast*
Cream of Potato
Old Fashioned Chicken w/ Noodles*
Or Homemade Dumplings (M-F)


Cream of Chicken w/ Wild Rice*
*Texas Chili
Chef’s Choice

(*) means higher cost in soup


Monday 2/10
*Tuscan Bean & Bacon
Green Bean Parmesan (v)
Tuesday 2/11
*Thai Coconut Chicken
Mexican Zucchini & Cheese (v)
Wednesday 2/12
Creamy Sweet Potato (vg)
Thursday 2/13
**Cheeseburger Soup
Winter Vegetable (vg)
Friday 2/14
***Lobster Bisque
Pasta Faggioli (v)
Monday 2/17
*Stuffed Bell Pepper
Dill Pickle (v)
Tuesday 2/18
*Austrian Sauerkraut & Pork
Tomato & Eggplant (vg)
Wednesday 2/19
*Italian Wedding
Spicy African Peanut (vg)
Thursday 2/20
*Beef Barley Vegetable
Bavarian Beer Cheese (v)
Friday 2/21
***Broccoli & Crab Bisque
Hearty Vegetable (vg)
Monday 2/24
*15 Bean & Ham
Roasted Carrot & Pecan (v)
Tuesday 2/25
*Chicken, Asparagus & Sweet Pea
Creamy Tomato & Thyme (v)
Wednesday 2/26
*Cream Of Mushroom Wild Rice (v)
Thursday 2/27
**Beef Stroganoff
Creamy Corn Chipotle (vg)
Friday 2/28
***Seafood Chowder
Moroccan Lentil (vg)